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I first discovered EFT in 2015 when talking to a friend about feelings of hurt I had towards someone.  He asked me to try something and we tapped on points on the face and upper body.  After a few rounds of tapping my feelings of hurt were completely gone.  The way I thought about the situation and what the person had done hadn't changed but the level of emotion I felt about it had.  That was extremely helpful to me.  I couldn't believe this simple technique could do that and I knew I'd discovered a powerful tool.  I went on to use EFT for lots of different issues including stress, anxiety, sleeping problems and dealing with difficult people.  I found EFT to be a simple, quick and effective way of helping me with problems I was facing. 


One of the biggest things EFT has changed for me was my fear of surgery.  I've had to have surgery under general anaesthetic a number of times in my life.  The surgery was never for anything too serious but I was always terrified.  I would go so far as to say it was a phobia.  The last time I had to have surgery I decided to try EFT to see if it would help with my fear.  I was amazed to find that the fear completely disappeared enabling me to walk down to the operating theatre with a smile on my face, calmly chatting to the nurses. That was a radical shift from what had happened in the past and made it a much easier experience.

Having experienced how helpful EFT had been for me, I wanted to train in it and offer it to others.  I am now an EFT Practitioner, accredited and certified with EFT International.  I have been able to see how helpful the technique is for a wide range of different issues and problems my clients bring.   If you would like to know more about EFT, and whether it could be helpful for you, please get in touch.  I'm happy to answer any questions you have.   





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